Survival Strategies

I shifted back to Port Blair in May’13 & have been living and looking after my family owned restaurant since. Andamans is beautiful. It's amazing. Paradise for many, but, the Internet here (and I hate to say this) SUCKS!! For a person like me, who lives on the net, this place seemed impossible to live in. It took me a while but I came up ... [Continue Reading]


It’s that process that is magic

You know, one of the things that really hurt Apple was after I left John Sculley got a very serious disease. It’s the disease of thinking that a really great idea is 90% of the work. And if you just tell all these other people “here’s this great idea,” then of course they can go off and make it happen. And the problem with that is that there’s ... [Continue Reading]


The truth will set your fee

Source - Guy Kawasaki #LIVESTRONG is trying to get rid of all stocks after it's founder Lance Armstong's has undergone the doping shame and his cycling records have been stripped down. What it fails to understand, is that fans who have lost trust in Armstrong (since he’s been persistently lying to the world) will never ever think of wearing a ... [Continue Reading]


Broadband Speed Comparision

Here's a quick broadband speed comparison of connections in Port Blair and Kolkata respectively. Where would you like to live? ... [Continue Reading]


Quick TODO Checklist – Andamans Trip (June’12)

Road Trip - 700 kms (from Port Blair to Diglipur and back) - I plan to shoot a lot of pictures, write a lot & shoot a few videos too on the way. This is my stint into travel writing & I hope to continue it. Quick Dive -  I shall from now on call a single scuba dive as a quick dive. For me, scuba diving is more than just an adventure ... [Continue Reading]

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Incredible India and its Incredible Indians!

Traveling in sleeper class ain’t easy, specially when its a journey from West Bengal (Kolkata) to Bihar, two of the poorest and states in India. But it is far more interesting than difficult - people trying their best to accommodate more people than the number of reservations, authentic village lingo, and the aroma of that ‘freshly’ made ‘ghar ka ... [Continue Reading]


On being absurd

“Only those who attempt the absurd…will achieve the impossible.” - M.C. Escher I came across this quote on my twitter feed & like every other quote, I yelled “wow” in my head & carried on. But there was something different about this! I was able to relate to it very closely. But why? Quenching on my thirst, I created a timeline of my ... [Continue Reading]

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Let’s backpack & explore India!

I was looking at my college calender a while back & just saw that I have holidays in May & June. I always knew that I have holidays in May, but the moment I saw it - engines in my brain throttled up! Plans, plans, plans… Idea: Backpacking India like a tourist - Explore & work at the same time. Like a Digital Nomad. Fun! Target: ... [Continue Reading]


10 things I want to do. #notetoself

Make mistakes Make mistakes Make mistakes Make mistakes Make mistakes Make mistakes Make mistakes Make mistakes Make mistakes Learn from all of them… Life is short. Cribbing about mistakes is sinful. Learn from mistakes, move on and become a better self. ... [Continue Reading]

Ten reasons to date an entrepreneur

Their sense of possibility. To date someone who accepts no limitations means that there is no end to how much they are capable of loving you. They see things in ways that others don’t and understand the power of thought and faith to offer an entirely fresh and inspiring view of a challenging situation. They know the true meaning of commitment and ... [Continue Reading]